Introducing Popsical’s New Logo and Brand Identity

Popsical Karaoke is proud to announce the launch of its new brand identity, including a new visual language and updated key messaging signifying its commitment to uncovering new forms of self-expression through singing.

The rebranding efforts are reflected in a newly designed logo, website, and app mirroring the company's modern approach and bold ideas. This represents another chapter in the company’s significant growth at a pivotal time where the ways people consume entertainment in the wake of the current pandemic have shifted.

" We want people to share the energy and love for singing with our smart karaoke platform," says CEO, Faruq Marican. “Our devices, app and content work together to create a physical and immersive singing experience for our customers, their families, friends and fans. With this rebranding effort we're expressing who we are and reminding ourselves how we fit into people’s lives.”

What has not changed is their mission to revolutionize the karaoke experience through both hardware and software – creating an integrated entertainment system that improves the social experience for singing, and ultimately growing our tribe of passionate users.

Along with the rebrand, Popsical introduced an exciting range of new products including the Popsical Remix 2, Popsical Duet and Popsical TV that brings a physical, immersive singing experience that is smarter, easier, better, and more affordable to the consumer.

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