"Popsical Remix Is Karaoke on a Whole New Level." - Techslack

Popsical Remix: The Future of Karaoke

The Popsical Home Entertainment System has been and is still causing waves throughout Asia since its release. With Popsical's new and improved Popsical Remix, things are just getting better since the launch in Kickstarter. It just goes to show you that with innovation, you can go a long way. Recently, Popsical Remix was awarded as the Best Home Karaoke system by Stuff Asia Magazine in the Asia Tech Awards this 2018-19. Undoubtedly, Popsical Remix is a step forward in the right direction for home karaoke entertainment. Reviews from very credible sources cement Popsical Remix's spot as the number one home karaoke system.

"Karaoke at a whole new level" - Techslack

With an overall score of 8.8, Popsical Remix blew Techslack's mind away. It has loads of new features compared to its predecessor, with a larger song database to boot. Very lightweight and easy to carry around, which means you can bring your Popsical Remix anywhere you go, whenever you want to. Popsical's 15-minute free trial feature is also an added advantage. You get a free preview of what you're going to get. Techslack's only con is that the additional cables should have been bundled, but that's nothing to worry about.

"(Popsical) Revolutionizing Home Karaoke" - KL Gadget Guy

KL Gadget Guy has laid out a few pros and cons for Popsical Remix. Well, mostly pros because the product quality speaks for itself. The new Popsical Remix boasts of great software experience, optimized for users of all ages. The software and the app itself is easy to understand. There's also a feature where the playlist recommendation is based on the user's history. Not only does Popsical have a massive collection of songs, but they also have an extensive library of music videos. The built-in microphone receiver is a plus, as well as an affordable monthly subscription. The only downside KL Gadget Guy gave is that the price of the device could be a bit cheaper. But for the quality and quantity of songs you will have access to, it will all be worth it.

"Popsical, The Next Generation of Karaoke?" - ProductNation

They said it right, the next generation for karaoke has arrived in your fingertips. Popsical Remix has paved a whole new way for home karaoke systems. "For a pretty old-school activity, karaoke has seen quite a few developments. But it’s almost safe to say that none of it matches up to what Popsical delivers and it is easy to be impressed by this." Again, being lightweight and portable stands out a lot for Popsical. The added possibility to simultaneously add songs from multiple devices is an advantage. It's also user-friendly and very easy to setup.

Popsical Remix is the future of home entertainment. With all its features and a cloud-based song library with over 200,000 songs, you'd know why it was awarded the best home karaoke system.

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