3 Reasons Why Karaoke Is Good for Your Health

You may not be the best singer in the world, but there’s no denying that after your first try of you knew it wasn’t going to be the last time. There is no single reason why we love karaoke but it is a fact that almost everyone enjoys karaoke. Karaoke will always be the highlight of any party, it brings out your inner Mariah Carey or Bon Jovi that’s always been inside you. 

It’s impossible to write down all the valid reasons why people love karaoke. People go to karaoke for different reasons, others just do it as a past-time, but more often than not to celebrate a new job, a new promotion, to welcome people from out of town, on birthdays, or even during sad occasions. There’s something about singing karaoke that makes you feel good afterwards. It may be unclear to some the benefits of singing karaoke, so we did our research as to why karaoke is beneficial to your health and your whole being. We have come up with 3 health benefits of karaoke. 

singing is good for your mental health

1. Singing karaoke is good for your mental health

 There are days when you don’t feel like yourself, and that’s okay. Listen to some music, and you will immediately feel the warmth like a hug you need to pick yourself up. Having a sound mind is important in maintaining positive relationships and in leading a good life. Uplift your mind and soul by singing karaoke wholeheartedly in front of your peers. Express yourself thru singing karaoke, sing a song that could best tell how you feel or any song that would reflect your personality. Feel the music, grab the microphone, sing the lyrics and immerse yourself in karaoke. Regardless if you’re a good singer or not. Everyone in the room will soon join in and cheer on you as you sing the high notes of “Eye of the Tiger”. The positive response from the audience will give you a sense of acceptance and boost your self-confidence. So, if you’re feeling down lately and you desperately need a pick-me-upper, call your friends for a fun karaoke night. 

singing is good for your health

3. Improve your breathing through singing karaoke.

There is a reason why Yoga is such a success. It is known that breathing exercises have significant positive results for both your physical and mental health. If you’re not the type to practice meditation and mindfulness, you too can reap the same benefits when you sing. Turn your breathing exercises into a fun thing to do with your friends and hit the karaoke for a night of singing. Expand your lungs, get in the right posture and modulate your breathing as you try to keep up to “Lose My Breath” by Destiny’s Child. 

4. Singing karaoke is good for your heart. 

As mentioned above, singing karaoke has health benefits that can modify your sense of well being and improve physical health. Expanding the lungs through deep breathing promotes good blood circulation and lowers blood pressure. 

According to a study at Harvard singing creates a pleasurable sensation that triggers the release of Dopamine. This effect lowers the heart rate, breathing rate, and blood pressure — and also seems to ease pain, stress, and anxiety. 

So if you love singing karaoke, go ahead and enjoy it whenever you can. Embrace your inner rockstar and don’t feel guilty about singing karaoke more frequently than others! You can also get your Popsical home karaoke device so everyone at home can reap the same health benefits as you do while altogether having fun! 

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