May 01, 2019

Singapore, are you ready for the grandest karaoke in town?

Karaoke has been popular in so many countries for so many years already and a lot of people continue to go to karaoke bars every once in a while just to have fun and sing their favourite songs, may it be new or old songs. Most people prefer to sing pop songs while others also like to rock ‘n roll to the beat. But others like me, like singing love and romantic songs that always has me blushing whenever I see my crush. But whatever kind of music genre we like to listen to, everybody loves music and that’s a fact. If you’re one of those people who isn’t updated with the latest songs, no worries because it’s not too late and you have your entire life to start listening to some and enjoy it while you still can. I know I have been spending almost my entire life listening to different genres and we all have that one soft spot especially when it comes to songs.

Nowadays, different kinds of portable karaoke machines have been invented so that you can take home the party instead of going out. Others also like to practice singing on their own and just scan through the music book and sing their all-time favourites. One of these modern jukeboxes is called Popsical and it’s the best cloud-streaming karaoke which has over 200,000 songs in its self-updating library so you won’t have to worry about new songs not being in the system of Popsical anymore.

Popsical Hits

Popsical Hits

In Singapore, singing is also a past time and currently, there are #PopsicalTopHits which I surely know that you’ll live for like 演員 (Actor) by Joker Xue, 學貓叫 (Say Meow Meow) by Pan Wenfeng, Perfect by Ed Sheeran, 告白气球 (Love Confession) by Jay Chou, Baby Shark by PinkFong, 說散就散 (Shuo San Jiu San) by JC, 倒数 (Reciprocal) by G.E.M, 小幸運 (Little Lucky) by Hebe Tien, 以後別做朋友 (Let's not be friends anymore) by Eric Chou, and 體面 (Decent) by Kelly Yu.

Popsical Hits
Now, now let’s not get all excited because these are just a few of the latest and trendiest songs that you can sing in the shower. With Popsical, you will always find what’s the right beat for the day. No more frustrations on looking for newest music on karaoke bars because it’s already there in your living room or in your room, ready to be played and sang to. All you need to do is just ready those drinks and call up your mates to have some fun during the weekends and party all night long. Isn’t it amazing?

Grab your very own Popsical now and you will not regret it. It already has 2 microphones so you can sing a duet with your best friend or loved one and it won’t tire your hands because it only weighs 1kg which is very light compared to other microphones out there. What are you waiting for? Click that add to cart and your social life will change for the better. 


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