April 08, 2019

Your most requested summer songs are now available on Popsical karaoke

Every summer, there are songs that get stuck on your mind for the whole season. It’s considerably the best time to update your playlist, with all the long drives and downtime by the beach, a hot summer playlist will be your best companion. Over the years there’s really no specific type of genre that successfully tops the charts every summer. The usual suspects are easy on the ears with catchy lyrics playing on repeat on your head.

Let's do a roundup of the top 8 summer songs over the years according to the Billboard charts!

1976 Don’t Go Breaking My Heart by Elton John
This is a classic 90/100 Karaoke hit song for all ages.

Popsical Summer Karaoke Hits
1982 Eye of The Tiger by Survivor
Have a try and sing this song, and let us know if it doesn’t make you feel empowered. The song itself will make you ooze with confidence, so go on and give it your best shot and don’t forget to have fun.

Popsical Summer Karaoke Hits
1983 Every Breath You Take by The Police
This song is older than me yet every time somebody else picks it during karaoke night, I always sing along to it, wishing that I chose the song in the first place. Every Breath You Take may sound like an obsessed lover’s anthem but it still is a popular pick over the years.

Popsical Summer Karaoke Hits
1995 Waterfalls by TLC
The song is about how people chase their vague dreams with no thought of the outcome, it has deep meaning on how we sometimes chase unrealistic dreams although it may seem unfavorable in the end. With its relatable lyrics and catchy tune makes it TLC’s best hit.

Popsical Summer Karaoke Hits
1999 Genie In a Bottle by Christina Aguillera
Here’s some major TBT that would probably confuse some millennials on why this Christina Aguillera song made it to this list. The pop star made summer sizzle when she released her first single on her debut album, making it an instant hit.

Popsical Summer Karaoke Hits
2003 Crazy In Love by Beyonce
Any great playlist has to have The Queen B in it or else it doesn’t make it a great one. If you want to turn up the fun meter and get groovy, you can’t go wrong with Beyonce.

Popsical Summer Karaoke Hits
2005 We Belong Together by Mariah Carrey
Arguably Mariah Carrey’s best single of all time, even the singer claims that it’s one of her favorite songs to perform up to this day.

Popsical Summer Karaoke Hits
2010 California Girl by Katy Perry
Katy Perry’s first single from her Teenage Dream album was definitely the best summer music of 2010. The fun and catchy lyrics send out the right summer vibe you want to be in.

Popsical Summer Karaoke Hits
2013 Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke
The song that shocked the world last 2013 remains scandalous up to this day, making it one of the best summer hits that would raise the temperature every time.

Popsical Summer Karaoke Hits
2015 Cheerleader by Omi
The reggae and EDM mix of this song will remind you of the beach while sipping on some Margarita making it easily 2015’s summer anthem.

Popsical Summer Karaoke Hits
2017 Despacito by Luis Fonsi Feat Justin Bieber
When this song came out, it played almost everywhere as if Luis Fonsi and Justin Bieber were trying to haunt you compelling you to sing along even though you don’t know what the lyric means. Thankfully, Justin made it possible for non-Spanish speakers out there to perform this song in the Karaoke with its English stanzas.

There you go, now you got yourself a summer playlist ready for a hot night of karaoke. Did we miss out on any of your summer anthem favorites? Do let us know so we could add it on Popsical if we don’t have it yet. Download the app  from the Apple Store or Google Play, and check out the latest songs available you can sing along to!

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